When not performing on main line railtours, 70013 is based at the Great Central Railway in Loughborough.

Owned by: Member of the National Collection

Designer Robert Riddles
Wheels 6’ 2” Diameter 4-6-2
Overall Length 67’ 8”
Weight 143 tons Engine & Tender in working order
Boiler Pressure 250 Lbs/sq”
Tractive Effort 32, 150 (lbf)
Tender Capacity 7 tons coal 4,250 gals water

Allocations Originally allocated to Norwich - Thorpe Depot, 70013 was later allocated to Carlisle Kingmoor.


Class 7MT.


National Railway Museum.
Maintained and operated by the 5305 Locomotive Association


Built at Crewe Works and completed in May 1951.


On withdrawal in 1968, 70013 moved to Bressingham Steam & Gardens on 13th August 1968. 


Oliver Cromwell was a star visitor to the 2004 NRM Railfest event, then moved to the Great Central Railway in Loughborough for overhaul and return to the main line.

The Brit is now a star performer on the main line and hauls railtours over the UK.