When not performing on main line railtours, 30777 is based at the Great Central Railway in Loughborough.

Owned by: Member of the National Collection

Designer R.E.L. Maunsell
Wheels 6’ 7” Diameter 4-6-0
Overall Length 66’ 5 ¼”
Weight 138 tons 14 cwt Engine & Tender in working order
Boiler Pressure 200 Lbs/sq”
Grate Area 30 ft2
Flue and Tube Area 1,716 ft2
Superheater 337 ft2
Tractive Effort 25, 320 (lbf)
Tender Capacity 5 tons coal 5,000 gals water
Valve Gear Outside Walschaerts
Cylinder Bore/Stroke Two, Outside 20 ½ / 28


Originally allocated to Nine Elms, 30777 was later allocated first to Battersea, then Bournemouth, Dover, Feltham, and Basingstoke


Power  Class 5P; Southern Railway N15;  King Arthur Class.


National Railway Museum.
Maintained and operated by the 5305 Locomotive Association


One of 30 built by the North British Locomotive Co.Glasgow, in 1925.


On withdrawal in 1961, 30777 was stored at Fratton, Stratford & Ashford.  Later adopted by Humberside Locomotive Group in June 1978. 


Restoration From Withdrawal

Restoration took place at Hull Dairycoates Depot, between June 1978 and February 1982

First Steaming in Preservation

30777 returned to steam on 21st February 1982 in Maunsell green livery. Her first main line trip in preservation took place on the Settle and Carlisle line on 27th March


The King Arthur Class was named after characters from Mallory’s 'Morte d’Arthur'.  Sir Lamiel was mentioned as “Sir Lamyel[sic] of Cardiff, who was also a great lover”

Main Line and Film Work

30777 had a varied & successful main line career, which also featured two visits to carriage cleaning plants! She visited Birmingham in 1994  to star in the film “The Cruel Train”


Following several successful years on the main line, the first overhaul in preservation was completed in 1989. A further period of main line work ended in 1996.